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  • What is Envision Evanston 2045?
    Envision Evanston 2045 is a year-long, community driven process that will lead to a new comprehensive plan and zoning code. From land use to racial justice to affordable housing, this initiative aims to reflect a shared vision for the future of Evanston.
  • What’s a comprehensive plan?
    A comprehensive plan outlines a city or county’s vision for its future and includes goals and strategies to help achieve that vision. Evanston’s current comprehensive plan was approved in 2000.
  • What’s a zoning code?
    A zoning code is the set of regulations that outline how properties can be used and what can be built where. It is a major tool that helps achieve the vision and goals of the Comprehensive Plan. Evanston’s current zoning code was approved in 1993.
  • Who can get involved?
    All Evanston community members. This means anyone who lives, studies, works, shops, eats… in Evanston. No matter your age or your birthplace, please join this important process.
  • Why should I get involved? 
    Envision Evanston 2045 is a community-driven process - your voice and your local expertise are vital. All community feedback shared with the City will be reviewed and considered as we develop a shared vision for Evanston’s future.
  • What if I don’t have time to attend meetings at the Civic Center?
    No problem. There will be many opportunities to provide input and each will include an option to contribute online, at your convenience. Opportunities to contribute will be held across Evanston so it’s easier for more community members to get involved.
  • Has the City reached out to [insert group here]?
    Thanks for the suggestion! Let us know how best to reach them so they can get involved as soon as they are interested!
  • Who’s contributing to Envision Evanston 2045? 
    It’s a big project with many contributors including: Community Members - Provide input and encourage participation. This input will develop into a shared vision for Evanston’s future, goals and objectives and ultimately a new comprehensive plan and zoning code. Boards, Committees and Commissions - Provide regular, focused input and encourage community participation. Land Use Commission- Provide regular input, encourage community participation and recommend the comprehensive plan and zoning code for adoption. Evanston City Council - Provide regular input, encourage community participation and adopt the comprehensive plan and zoning code. City of Evanston - Facilitate the process, guide the consultant team and implement the plan after adoption. Consultant Team - Work collaboratively with the City of Evanston to solicit community input and develop the comprehensive plan and zoning code.
  • Who is the consultant team?
    The consultant team consists of HDR Inc, Morreale Communications, ZoneCo, McAdams, Multilingual Connections, and ViewPro.
  • How did we get to this point?
    In March 2023, City Council directed staff to move forward with the Request for Proposals (RFP) process to update the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code. The RFP was released on April 6, 2023 and closed May 16, 2023. Four proposals were received and evaluated, with two moving on to the interview stage. HDR’s consultant team was awarded the contract on July 10, 2023 (review the review summary and proposal submission here.
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